some projects that I'm experimenting with to learn more and better code. Nearly everything I know about code is self-taught, except for stuff like binary math and memory blocks--that's from an undergrad elective eons ago.


Recipe App Wireframing

Wireframing my recipe app project that I originally wrote in python and bootstrap

Lastpass iOS_thumb

I love you Lastpass, but…

My third Sunday of fiddling around with SketchApp. This post is all about a redesign based on how I use the Lastpass iOS app.

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work I've done in the past for clients. They're cool people looking to better the world in their own way.


Project Communitas

Responsive CSS for various viewing format. A number of jQuery scripts were used to achieve the dynamic capabilities and meet client requirements on the front-end.

Looking to get a project off the ground? I can help with that. Send me some details and I'll be in touch in two...no, three, shakes.

Hire Me

hello! I'm your friendly neighbourhood PhD drop-out. At about 1.5 years into some deep philosophical thinking I ran for the hills--and I'm a terrible runner. Ask me to run a 5k? Hah! Now I spend most of my time coding away freelance and my own projects. My freelance work is largely customizing Wordpress for cool people. My own projects recently have been with Rails.

years ago I got career inspiration from reading Edward Said's Representations of the Intellectual. The gist of what I took away was that becoming an expert narrows one's view of what is going on and thus diminishes possibilities to change and challenge the status quo. This doesn't mean I have taken to becoming an half-assed jack-of-all-trades, but rather I choose not to be clouded by thinking I'm an expert at anything. Conscious continual learning is my motto.